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Zoë Zebra with her Monkey
Vital statistics
Title Zoë Zebra
Gender Female
Race Zebra
Voice Actor Sian Taylor (2006 - 2010)

Sarah Peefoo (2008)

Zoë Zebra is one of the characters in Peppa Pig.


She lives with her mummy and daddy, and twin baby sisters named Zuzu & Zaza Zebra. Her favorite toy is a stuffed Monkey, who she treats as a pet, but has no problem admitting he isn't real.


Zoë is a friendly Zebra who appears to be generally nice and a bit quiet. But, she sometimes doesn't pay attention to others and can misbehave in her own enviroment; as shown when she changed the Television without asking Daddy Zebra permission, or not allowing Zuzu and Zaza to join her slumber party until the other girls convinced her. However, she seems to get along well with her little sisters, compared to Peppa's relationship with George.


Zoë is a white zebra with stripes of black over her left eye, right ear and the back of her head. A single ring of white circles her arms, while her hands and tail are entirely black. She has a rounded pink nose. She wears the same black shoes as the other characters and a violet dress.


" Oh! You shouldn't be here!"
Teddy's Day Out


  • For international Day, she dressed up as Japan.
  • She was the first character not to have a baby brother.
  • As well as the first character to come from a family with twin children. The seconds are Rebecca Rabbit and Richard Rabbit.


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