Season 3, Episode 28
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Overall episode 133
Air date 24 September, 2010
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Whistling is the 28th episode of Season 3 and the 133rd episode overall.


Wikipedia® - "Peppa tries to learn how to whistle after she realises that seemingly everyone but her can do it."

Channel 5 - "Peppa tries to learn how to whistle after she realises that seemingly everyone but her can do it."


Discovering Whistling

Screenshot 2016-01-13-19-19-18

Peppa, attempting to whistle.

Peppa goes up to her daddy and realizes that he is making a "funny noise". Daddy Pig explains to her that he's whistling, which is putting your lips together, and gently blowing. Peppa tries, but she can't do it. Daddy Pig tells her to try making an "o" shape with her mouth, but instead she unintentionally blows a raspberry. After trying one more time, Peppa declares that she has the wrong kind of mouth. Daddy Pig tells her that her mouth is fine, and she just needs to practice. Peppa agrees, and goes back into the house.


Screenshot 2016-01-14-12-48-24

Even George can whistle!

While practicing, Peppa goes up to Mummy Pig and asks if she can whistle. Mummy Pig says that she's never tried whistling before. Peppa tells her that it takes a lot of practice, but Mummy Pig picks it up straight away. After telling Mummy Pig that she can whistle because she's old, Peppa goes to George. She tells him that she's learning to whistle and that it's almost impossible, (like wiggling your ears). She discovers that George can do both, and goes back downstairs.

Ringing Suzy

Screenshot 2016-01-14-13-49-36

Peppa hanging up on Suzy.

Peppa goes to Mummy Pig and tells her that everyone, even George, can whistle, except herself. Mummy Pig offers cookie batter to her, but Peppa decides to ring Suzy. Peppa rings her, and discovers that Suzy can't whistle. Peppa said it was sad that Suzy couldn't whistle, but she admits that it's good, because she can't whistle herself. When Suzy asks, Peppa tells her that whistling is putting your lips in an "o" shape and blowing. Suzy gets it first time and Peppa hangs up in shock.

The Miracle!

Screenshot 2016-01-14-14-45-00

The Family whistling the Theme Tune!

Now losing hope, Peppa refuses a cookie and decides that she needs some outside time. She tells Daddy Pig that she'll never be able to whistle; she's been practicing a lot but she just can't. Mummy Pig gives her a cookie, also telling her that she has to blow it, because it's hot. When blowing it, Peppa unintentionally makes a noise - a whistle! Of course, she is very happy and soon whistles a tune with her family!


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