Wendy Wolf
Vital statistics
Title Wendy Wolf
Gender Female
Race Wolf
Voice Actor {{{voice actor}}}
Wendy Wolf is a young girl who first appeared in Potato City She sometimes attends the Playgroup and was quick to befriend Peppa.


Wendy is the daughter of Daddy Wolf and Mummy Wolf.


Wendy is a light grey wolf with black eyes and nose. She has rosy pink cheeks and a matching colored mouth. She wears the same black shoes that everone else does, along with a pink-lilac dress.


Wendy is a friendly child who gets along with the other children. She is normally only seen with the group and has a lot of fun with them. She seems to be a little like Rebecca, in that she is a bit more quiet than some of the others, and she also appears to be a bit knowledgeable on certain subjects.


Season 4



  • Wendy was the only child around Peppa's age to appear in the last season.
  • During International Day she represented Australia.
  • she might have a crush on Danny dog


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