Very Hot Day
Season 1, Episode 40
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Overall episode 40
Air date November 2nd, 2004
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Peppa Pig - Very Hot Day (full episode)

Peppa Pig - Very Hot Day (full episode)

Very Hot Day is the 40th episode of the 1st season, and the 40th episode overall.


Its a very hot day and all the Muddy Puddles have dried up, so Peppa and George find other ways to stay cool.

Channel 5 - Today is a very hot day. Peppa and George want to jump in muddy puddles.


It is a hot day in Peppa's Neighbourhood, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig praise the sunshine, And Peppa and George go to play in Muddy Puddles, only to find out they have cracked and dryed out. Peppa tells this to Mummy Pig, and she says that George and Peppa can play in their paddling pool instead and they need their swimming gear on, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig wear their swimming gear too.

After that, Mummy Pig puts Sunscreen on Peppa and George. They both find it yucky, and even Daddy Pig says it was a fuss over nothing, but he and Mummy Pig have to wear it too!

George and Daddy Pig help blow up the pool, and Peppa fills it up with water. Peppa gets water all over herself with the hose. George and Peppa have so much fun with the pool, Eventually, Miss Rabbit arrives with the ice cream bike. Peppa, George and Mummy Pig go to the bike as Daddy stands there.

Peppa has a Vanilla Cone, Mummy has a Strawberry Cone and gets Daddy Pig a Chocolate Cone. George however gets a Dinosaur Ice Lolly, and since it is a Dinosaur one, he treats it like Mr. Dinosaur, but George does not listen to Mummy Pig saying he has to eat it and eventually the Ice Lolly melts. George bursts into tears and Mummy Pig says he can have Daddy's Chocolate Ice Cream instead.

Since it is hot, Daddy Pig fell asleep and is all red and hot, so the other pigs put water on them, Daddy Pig wakes up and this created puddles, Peppa and George jump in the puddles and have fun. George