So I have told Chrismh about this already, but I think all of us should know so we know what we need to do for the character`s pages.

Yes I do know this wiki is not as active as it used to be, but maybe it will become more active.

So here are a few characters pages that need to be created.

  • Mr Pony
  • Mummy Elephant
  • Mr Donkey
  • Mrs Donkey
  • Mr Wolf
  • Mrs Wolf
  • Doctor Hamster
  • Mr Scarecrow
  • Mr Rhino
  • Mr Labrador
  • Captain Emergency
  • Signor Goat
  • Policeman Stag
  • Uncle Goat
  • Auntie Goat

I do understand that these are more of the background characters and it is probably hard to find information out on some of them. 

Though if you do know a bit of information about them try to make a page about them, as long as it looks simular to the other pages, like how it is set out. Then we can all start adding more information to it.

Okay that is it from me.

Probably no one will read this but I might as well just put it up.