Well, I don't really see any harm in a fun little topic like this. Basically, if you made a Fancharacter for Peppa Pig, what or who would they be? You can even Peppa yourself if you want.

No need to make it complicated, just keep this in mind:

  • Name:
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:


My Peppa self would be...

  • Name: Chris Cat
  • Appearance: A white cat with a black or grey dress.
  • Personality: A little shy and awkward socially, but generally kind to those she can tolerate. A bit Fussy or easy to annoy, and prefers to be alone.

Fan Characters


Hannah Hamster and her little sister, Helen.

Hannah is very shy and gentle so she often plays alone. Shows a bright nature after she gets to know someone, and she loves to paint. She admires Miss Hamster and wishes to work with animals when she's older. She gets along very well with Helen.

  • Name: Filly Feret
  • Appearance: White-Tan with light brown markings. Her dress is Milk-Blue and she wears black shoes and a bow on her ear and tail.
  • Personality: Very feminine and sweet. Enjoys helping her Mummy out in the kitchen with baking.

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