Uncle Pig is one of the characters in Peppa Pig.


The father of Chloe Pig and Baby Alexander. His wife is Auntie Pig. He is the brother of Daddy Pig. He is the brother-in-law of Mummy Pig. He is also related to Granny Pig, Grandpa Pig and Auntie Dottie.


Uncle Pig shares many similarities with Daddy Pig, and they both dislike being compared to each other. They both like spaghetti, fall asleep after lunch, and feel insecure about their tummies. However, Uncle Pig seems to excel better when it comes to DIY, showed when he made Chloe's puppet theater.


He resembles Daddy Pig, but without his glasses and a different facial hair pattern. He wears a dull indigo shirt and black shoes.


"Best spaghetti ever. Oink." from Chloé's Puppet Show "We found out that noise gets him (Baby Alexander) to sleep" from The Noisy Night