Traffic Jam is episode 13 of Season 2, and the 65th episode of Peppa Pig. It first aired on ___.


The Pig Family go out for lunch at Granny and Grandpa Pigs. But like usual, they will be arriving late due to the large traffic jam they are unable to get out of.


Grandpa Pig is busy with Granny Pig preparing for lunch. He brings in some potato for her, but she tells him that they probably have enough now. He insists that they can't have enough, then announces that it is only eleven o'clock. Granny tells him to hurry up and get the food into the oven, so that it will be done by the time their family arrives.

Meanwhile, Peppa and the family are on their way over to Granny and Grandpa's now. Mummy Pig worries they will be late and Peppa mentions that they always are. Daddy Pig mentions that he found them a new way there to avoid traffic, but he incidentally gets them stuck IN traffic - which they were not in originally. After Peppa spots Danny Dog nearby, also stuck in the jam she makes conversation with him.

As it is going on 1 o'clock, Grandpa Pig announces that they are late before he checks the potatos. Daddy Pig calls to reveal that they will be late and Granny tells him that it's fine since Grandpa Pig is cooking a lot of food and it's not done yet. She hangs up the phone and despite her effort is unable to stop Grandpa Pig from going to grab more potato.

The pigs are becoming a bit upset by now and worry they will be later than ever. Mummy Pig tries to find them a shortcut they can take and they drive down a bump hill, past the duck pond, and down another hill. They spot the main road up ahead but wind up behind Danny and his Grandpa again.

Around 2 the lunch is finished, but they still are stuck in traffic. Daddy Pig calls to reveal that they are almost there, but they are still in traffic.

After he hangs up, Grandpa replays the news to Granny. She is very concerned that the food will be cold by the time they arrive now, so Grandpa gets a new idea. He fetches his wheelbarrow and asks Granny to put all of their lunch items into it. They pack everything and bring the lunch for their family and have them get out of their car to sit on the grass. Peppa requests that they invite Danny and everyone else, which works since there is a ton of potato. 

Everyone cheers while chowing down, and Granny compliments Grandpa Pig for his job well done, which makes everyone laugh.





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