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Tiddles in Naughty Tortoise
Vital statistics
Title Tiddles the Tortoise
Gender Male
Race Tortoise
Voice Actor n/a

Tiddles the Tortoise is Miss. Hamster's pet. It it usually kept in a box so that she can keep an eye on it. Somehow it always manages to escape.

Tiddles usually goes to sleep when Winter rolls around. 


As Tiddles is simply a pet - more or less a tortoise, it is not very expressive. It keeps leaving it's carrier to go outside and climb trees, hinting at a rebellious nature, but it doesn't usually seem to mean any harm.


Tiddles is a small green tortoise with a green-themed shell on it's back. 


  • Tortoises can't climb trees, although Tiddles can somehow.  


Doctor Hamster's Tortoise

Naughty Tortoise

Miss Rabbit's Helicopter

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