Thunderstorms is an episode of Peppa Pig. It is episode 32 of Season 1 and the entire series.  


Peppa and George learn about Thunderstorms after the weather takes a turn for the worse. 


One day Peppa and George run out to play with her tea set, Teddy, and Mr. Dinosaur. At first things go fine but as they start to notice how dark the sky is getting they are called back inside by Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa comments on the sound while Mummy Pig explains what Thunder is to them. They look at the sky again before checking to make sure they didn't forget anything while going inside. 

Peppa worriedly realizes that she forget Teddy and panics. Daddy Pig offers to go and get Teddy and Mummy Pig warns him to hurry up since the storm will start soon, but he insists he has plenty of time. He runs out to grab Teddy but just after he grabs it, the rain begins to pour down. He runs back to the house where they grab Teddy and begin to dry it off. After, they go to Daddy Pig and begin to towel him off before noticing how drippy the ceiling is. 

Daddy Pig puts down a bucket to catch the drip of rain but after more holes begin to appear they go around to find more items. Peppa grabs her tea pot she was playing with and this calms things down, but the little piggies get frightened when a loud flash of lightning startles them. Mummy Pig is able to calm them by explaining how they can count the moments of silence between the thunder and lightning to figure out how far away the storm is. 

As they do so they notice the storm is going away and soon the sunshine returns. Everyone runs outside to find a bunch of muddy puggles and begins to jump and splash in a really big one they come across. Peppa claims she loves thunderstorms since they make muddy puddles. 






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