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The Time Capsule
Season 2, Episode 9
Screenshot 2016-01-15-19-36-14
Overall episode 61
Air date 14 September, 2006
Episode guide
Windy Autumn Day
Rock Pools

Madame Gazelle video taping the children.

Peppa pig and her friend's make a time capsule.


Madame Gazelle is making a time capsule so the playgroup can put items inside to be buried and opened in the future.


Little Daddy Pig: "Hehehehehe hello to the future, you're probaly living on the moon right now hehehehehehehehehehe!"
Mummy Pig: "Oh,and that's me!"
Peppa: "Silly little Daddy Pig!"
Zoe: "Stamps!"
Rebecca: "A carrot!"
Pedro: "A coin!"
Danny: "A toy!"
Peppa: "A comic!"
Suzy: "Music!"
Madame Gazelle:"Ah, Daddy Pig, you're just in time to help us dig a hole!"

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