The Rainy Day Game
Season 4, Episode 9
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Overall episode 166
Air date 27 May, 2011
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Peppa Pig Season 4 Episode 9 The Rainy Day Game

Peppa Pig Season 4 Episode 9 The Rainy Day Game

The Rainy Day Game is the 9th episode of Season 4, and the 166 episode overall. 


A bored Peppa and George try to find something to do one boring, rainy day.


Peppa and George are upset because they cannot go outside to play, due to how rainy it is. She wants to go out now to jump in the muddy puddles, but Mummy Pig tells them to wait. They listen to the weather forecast and are saddened to learn it will be raining all day. Daddy Pig decides to make a game from it, calling it "The Rainy Day Game". 

He takes a rubber duck and shows them how to play the game. Peppa insists that George goes first then, because of how easy it seems. Daddy takes the rubber duck and hides it in their bedroom, and George goes to find it. But he struggles and Daddy tries to give him some tips on how to spot it, and soon it helps and he is able to find it on a shelf. 

Peppa claims that it is still too easy, so then Mummy decides to hide it and has Peppa take her turn. She insists that she will find it right away and comes into the kitchen, where Mummy hid it. She checks the sink, under the table, then asks for a clue because she is having trouble. Mummy tells her "it is sitting near something yellow", so Peppa checks the bananas and finds the Rubber Duck inside of the fruit bowl. Peppa wants to play the game again, so Daddy Pig takes it and hides it inside of the sitting room, and he tells both children to look for it.

They check the sofa and television, but can't find it. So after they give them a few clues, they happen to spot the rubber duck sitting on Daddy Pig's head. With that, they see that the rain has stopped and they insisted that they go outside now to look for a Muddy Puddle. Peppa wants to stay inside and keep playing though, until they go out and happen to find a big Muddy Puddle. With that, Peppa and George, followed by Mummy and Daddy Pig all begin to jump in the muddy puddle.