The Quarrel
Season 2, Episode 43
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Overall episode 95
Air date 7 June, 2007
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The Quarrel is episode 43 of Season 2 and the 95th episode overall.


Peppa and Suzy declare they are no longer friends after they get into a fight playing a game. 

Channel 5 - Peppa and Suzy Sheep are best friends. But one day they have a quarrel and decide they are not best friends any more. Will they ever say sorry?


While playing a game of Snap, Peppa becomes displeased after Suzy keeps winning. She accuses her of cheating since she thinks she looked at the cards before setting them down, but Suzy claims she didn't. They both voice that they don't want to play together anymore and Suzy is called to leave. 

They head outside and the mothers wait for the girls to say goodbye. But when Peppa and Suzy both claim they're not friends anymore, the Mothers don't worry since they are good friends after-all; even though neither girl wants to apologize for what happened, so they end up storming off. 

Daddy Pig finishes dinner soon afterwards and they all notice how sad Peppa looks. Mummy Pig explains what happened to Daddy Pig, then asks Peppa if she would like to talk to Suzy. At first this cheers Peppa up and she gives the Sheep Family a call. Suzy also misses being with Peppa, and she tells her that she will forgive her as long as she apologizes for the fight. Peppa does apologize, but she sitll thinks Suzy cheated, so she angrily hangs up on her. 

At the Park everyone is playing with their best friends. Sadly Suzy sits by herself on the swings, while Peppa is stuck playing Miniature Golf on her own. Emily comes by to ask if she can play, and when Peppa tells her about Suzy, she tells Emily that she can be her new best friend. However, Emily's best friend is Candy Cat, who has come to play Mini-Golf with her. 

This also happens when Suzy when she sees Zoe come down the slide. Zoe informs her that she already has a best friend, this being Rebecca Rabbit. 

It's then Peppa and Suzy happen to find each other, but after simply greeting one-another, Daddy Pig assumes they're friends again. The girls deny this, but he tries to help them by saying they can be friends again after they apologize. Since neither wants to go first, he offers to count to three in order to have them apologize at the same time, which the girls agree with. 

So when he gets to three, they both apologize and he claims they are friends again before walking off. The girls run over to the Miniature Golf area again and begin to play, and while things go well at first, after Suzy's ball hits Peppa's and knocks it into the hole, the girls argue over who won. As they bicker, Daddy Pig joins them to tell the girls that they are the best of friends because they are so much alike, and in saying this, everyone starts to laugh.  



  • The playground has a mini-golf game in this episode but in the others it doesnt have a mini-golf game