The Playgroup
Season 1, Episode 6
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Overall episode 6
Air date June 6, 2004
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Peppa Pig - The Playgroup

Peppa Pig - The Playgroup

The Playgroup is episode 6 of the first season of Peppa Pig.


Peppa heads to her playgroup and George joins her for the first time, but she doesn't really want him to come. 


Daddy Pig is taking Peppa and George to their playgroup. It's George's first day and he's very excited to go, but Peppa is concerned that he may be too small. Daddy Pig assures her that it's fine though, since he will have Peppa and Mr. Dinosaur to keep him company. But Peppa doesn't really want to keep him company, because she wants to play with all of her friends instead.

When they arrive, Peppa asks again if George will really be okay. But when Daddy shows that he doesn't plan on reconsidering she has no choice but to accept it. Inside, Peppa introduces everyone to George, and quickly the other children seem to be quickly taken with George. Suzy voices that she wishes to have a little brother, while Danny is interested in his toy dinosaur; and even Mrs. Gazelle seems to enjoy George's company.

Seeing as everyone likes George, Peppa can't help but feel proud of him all of the sudden. Mrs. Gazelle then has everyone sit down for painting. Peppa doesn't think George can do this, but when Mrs. Gazelle suggests Peppa can show him, she critically scolds him for painting a dinosaur instead of a flower like she was showing him. Mrs. Gazelle comes by with the other students to see what Peppa and George painted, and because everyone enjoys the paintings she decides to hang them both on the wall. 

Soon it's time for everyone to leave as the parents arrive to pick them up. Peppa asks if George can return next time, and when asked what he may paint next time, George assures them it will be a dinosaur. As everyone comments on it, they all start to laugh.




[The episode starts when the camera begins to zoom into Peppa and her family (not Mummy Pig) in the car. Daddy Pig driving the car while Peppa and George sitting in the backview]