The Noisy Night
Season 4, Episode 23
Screenshot 2016-01-26-20-00-17
Overall episode 180
Air date 22 December, 2011
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"Spider Web"
"The Wishing Well"
Peppa Pig The Noisy Night05:01

Peppa Pig The Noisy Night

Peppa and her family go to cousin Chloe's house to spend the night but Baby Alexander keeps waking up!


Peppa Pig

George Pig

Daddy Pig

Mummy Pig

Auntie Pig

Uncle Pig

Chloe Pig

Miss Rabbit

Baby Alexander

Daddy Zebra (cameo)

Mummy Zebra (cameo)

Zuzu & Zaza Zebra (cameo)

Zoe Zebra (cameo)

Madame Gazelle (cameo)


Auntie Pig: "Don't forget the alarm!"
Daddy Pig: "How many times was it, Mummy Pig? Three times?"
Mummy Pig: "Fifty times."
Narrator: "Daddy Pig is pushing Baby Alexander around the house...fifty times."

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