The New Car
Season 1, Episode 23
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Overall episode 23
Air date 25 June, 2004
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The New Car is the 23rd episode of Season 1.


The pig family's car breaks down, so Peppa and her family rent a new one. At first they love it, but they eventually start to miss their old car after they realise how confusing it is.

Channel 5 - Peppa and her family are going for a drive. Suddenly their car breaks down.


Peppa and her family go for a drive in their car. Daddy Pig puts the roof down manually. In the middle of their drive, their car suddenly goes weird. They call Granddad Dog and they drive to his garage. Grandad Dog says that he can fix it, but it will take all day. He adds that they can borrow a new, blue car while he fixes their own. He puts the roof down by pressing a red button, and the family loves it.
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The Pigs learning about the red button.

Screenshot 2016-01-24-20-44-05

The effects of the buttons.

Peppa's family experiment with the buttons; a radio button and a window button. It soon begins to rain. Daddy Pig tries to put the roof up, but he presses the beep, the squirt water, the interior and the radio button again. He then urgently presses random buttons, while Peppa and George laugh at him. Mummy Pig tells him to try the red button, and it works! Just when they finally have the roof up, it stops raining. Daddy Pig puts the roof back down, and they go back to the garage.

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Getting their car back.

Grandad Dog tells them that their car is fixed. Daddy Pig gives Grandad Dog change, and they jump in their car. Peppa says that she likes the blue car, but she likes their own car better - and their car likes them too.


Peppa: I love our car.

Daddy Pig: Ha ha! And our car loves us too, don't you?
Car: Beep-beep!

Daddy Pig: Can you fix our car?

Grandad Dog: Yes. But it will take all day.

Daddy Pig: I don't think this car likes me!

Peppa: Daddy, can you put the roof down again?

Daddy Pig: Yes. Which button was it?
Mummy Pig, Peppa, and George: THE RED ONE!