The Museum is episode 39 of the first season of Peppa Pig. It first aired on November 1st, 2004.


The Pig Family take a trip to the Museum, where they explore many rooms and begin to imagine themselves in the different settings.


Daddy Pig describes what a Museum is to Peppa and George as they make their way to the very building. Mummy Pig mentions the different things inside of it, like items belonging to royalty, and even dinosaurs. As they get inside, Miss Rabbit greets them and gives them tickets that they need inside. 

Peppa is quickly impressed with the royal items, like fancy robes and gowns, and crowns and even a golden throne. She then asks about their electronics after she doesn't see any, and to her surprise Mummy Pig reveals that they didn't have that stuff. Peppa asks what they did all day afterwards, then begins to imagine herself as the Queen, eating chocolate cake. 

They head into the dinosaur room, which makes George very happy. But he is disapponted when they don't see any dinosaurs. Daddy Pig explains that this is because the dinosaurs are no longer around, and he shows them the dinosaur bones in the room instead. George is pretty excited by all of this, and he starts to imagine himself as a big green dinosaur while chasing after Peppa.

With their time well spent, they begin to discuss what their favorites room were But Mummy Pig happens to notice that Daddy Pig has gone missing, until they spot him in the nearby room, a Cafeteria. They find that tea and chocolate cake has been set out for them to enjoy and sit down to enjoy the meal. When Daddy Pig says how much he likes this, Peppa agrees with him. 




  • When Peppa thinks that she's a queen and George thinks that he's a dinosaur, Mummy and Daddy Pig and George in Peppa's imagination and Peppa in George's imagination all seem to wear their normal outfits rather medieval ones in Peppa's imagination and prehistoric ones in George's imagination.
  • The dinosaur George pretends is a Tyrannosaurus rex or T-Rex, the same dinosaur species as Mr. Dinosaur.