The Long Grass is episode 27 of Season 2, and the 79th episode of Peppa Pig. It first aired on ___.


After their beloved spotted ball goes missing in the tall patch of grass, the Pig Family call Grandpa Pig for help to cut the tall grass.


One day, Peppa and George go out to play. They run down the hill and come across a huge patch of grass, they run through it but find it a bit difficult to see each other. They play for a while inside the grass, but end up running into each other. Daddy Pig comes outside to read the paper but Mummy Pig asks him to cut the lawn after spotting how tall the grass is. Peppa invites her parents to play with the ball in the grass so they run back down to it, but they end up losing the ball. With that Daddy Pig decides to cut the grass. He digs through the house and manages to find it. Mummy Pig is worried that it wont work since it's kind of old and rusted, so she offers to call Grandpa Pig. Daddy Pig insists he doesn't need the help, but once it breaks he changes his mind.  They call Grandpa Pig and ask him to come over to help with the grass. He agrees and goes to get "Betsy" a riding lawn mower. He greets everyone upon arrival, then starts up his machine after Peppa greets Betsy. He invites Peppa and George to hop on for a ride, and they head down the hill to cut the grass.  Eventually all of the grass is cut and Peppa points out a little bit that he missed. But when he goes to cut it, the ball they lost earlier appears. Now that the grass is cut and they have the ball back, they resume their game from earlier with the entire Pig family. 






Major Characters:

Daddy Pig

Mummy Pig

Peppa Pig

George Pig

Grandpa Pig

Supporting Characters:

Granny Pig (Non-Speaking)

Minior Characters

Pedro Pony (Cameo) (Non-Speaking)

Suzy Sheep (Cameo) (Non-Speaking)

Candy Cat (Cameo) (Non-Speaking)

Mummy Pony (Cameo) (Non-Speaking)

Mummy Sheep (Cameo) (Non-Speaking)

Mummy Cat (Cameo) (Non-Speaking)

Mummy Dog (Cameo) (Non-Speaking)

Doctor Brown Bear (Cameo) (Non-Speaking)