Peppa Pig The Golden Boots

"The Golden Boots" is a 2015 movie special going for 15 minutes and is exclusive to cinemas that aired along with 9 other normal Peppa Pig episodes. It was released on February 14, 2015. 


The special sees Peppa travel over land, sea and air to find her Golden Boots in time for the big Puddle Jumping Competition.[1]





Peppa Pig - The Golden Boots (FULL PART)

Peppa Pig - The Golden Boots (FULL PART)


  • This is the second extended episode. The first was "Peppa's Christmas".
  • This episode was made to celebrate the 12th Anniversary of Peppa Pig.
  • This special was released on DVD in June 2015, On March 6th 2016, this episode premiered on US Television and aired again on March 15th.
  • This is the first time Peppa's back view was shown.
  • The Fourth Wall is broken when Peppa and her friends jumped into the puddle and splatters all over the screen.
  • When Grandpa Pig checks to see if the boots really belong to Peppa is a reference to Cinderella, Wendy Wolf also says so..
  • This is the first time when Peppa cries.


  • Mrs. Duck is white instead of yellow either because she become a swan or the animators changed it so she wouldn't blend in with the golden boots.
  • Daddy Pig would never be able to jump without his lucky boots.
  • When Peppa is talking to Mr. Zebra, the first scene shows Suzy with her boots on, but throughout the next 2 scenes, they disappear and reappear.
  • Candy Cat doesn't appear when Peppa and her friends are about to jump the muddy puddle