The Eye Test
Season 2, Episode 16
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Overall episode 68
Air date 26 December, 2006
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The Eye Test is episode 16 of Season 2, and the 68th episode overall.


Peppa gets her eyes examined at the eye doctors after Pedro tells her she needs glasses.

Channel 5 - Peppa's friend Pedro wears glasses. Peppa thinks she might need glasses too, so Mummy Pig takes her to the optician.


One day when Peppa is playing with Pedro they go out to jump in muddy puddles. After he trips and loses his glasses, George helps him look for them and Peppa asks him why he wears them as she hands them back. He explains that an eye doctor, his daddy, said he needed them to see properly. He then asks Peppa if she wants an eye test and has her close her eyes and what-not, then decides that she could need glasses.

It is then time for Pedro to leave. They say goodbye to each other while Peppa and George head inside. Peppa tells Mummy Pig that she really needs glasses according to Pedro, but is disappointed when Mummy tells her she does not really need them, because he did it in a way that makes it fairly obvious that nobody could see. However, Daddy Pig decides that it wouldn't hurt, so they head into town to visit Daddy Pony.

Inside of the room, Peppa is seated and puts on some special glasses to read letters, numbers, and colors on the charts. Dr. Daddy Pony comments on how she did before he goes off to check the results. He tells her to look at the glasses in the mean time.  Mummy Pig and Peppa start by looking at a rainbow pair, a black pair that appears too big, then finally a cute red heart-shaped pair that Peppa likes. But she is disappointed once more to learn that she doesn't need glasses. She really wanted to get some, so to perk her up, he finds a pair of sunglasses that are exactly the same as the glasses. They all then share a laugh as Peppa comments on them.