The Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World
Season 3, Episode 50
Screenshot 2016-01-19-06-54-23
Overall episode 155
Air date 25 November, 2010
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Peppa Pig - The Biggest Muddy Puddle In The World05:01

Peppa Pig - The Biggest Muddy Puddle In The World

The Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World is the 50th episode of Season 3 and the 155th episode overall.


Wikipedia® - Peppa and George wake up one morning to find that all the rain has made a flood, and their house is now on an island!

Channel 5 - Peppa and George wake up one morning to a flood!


The Flood

Screenshot 2016-01-19-07-02-01

Discovering the Flood.

Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig tuck Peppa and George into bed. Peppa says that there's too much rain, and Mummy Pig says that there will be puddles to jump in. 

The next morning, Peppa and George run outside to look for Muddy Puddles, only to discover a flood instead. Peppa says that Daddy has to swim to the shops, but he is saved by that excuse when Granny Pig, Grandpa Pig and Polly arrive on Grandpa Pig's Boat. Peppa and George climb onto the boat, and they go to the shops to get Tomatoes and Spaghetti.

Getting to the Shops

Screenshot 2016-01-19-07-20-38

Asking Grandad Dog and Danny Dog what they need to buy.

After deciding that Polly can be their list, they go and get people their shopping. They get to Suzy Sheep's house, and ask her if they need anything. Mummy Sheep says that they need food, for dinner, but Suzy reverts that to Chocolate. They go past other people; Grandad Dog and Danny Dog want a Newspaper and Comic, and Grampy Rabbit wants Cheese.

Arriving at the Shops

Screenshot 2016-01-19-07-34-51

Polly has forgotten the list!

Grandpa Pig, Granny Pig, Peppa, George and Polly arrive at the shops. They tell Miss Rabbit that Polly has a list, but by now, Polly has forgotten the list. Luckily Peppa remembers; she gives Cheese to Grandpy Rabbit, a Newspaper and Comic to Grandad Dog and Daddy Dog, and Chocolate to Mummy and Suzy Sheep (unaware that Suzy had tricks both her and Mummy Sheep).

The Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World!

Screenshot 2016-01-19-07-45-15

Everyone jumping in the Muddy Puddle!

The next morning, Peppa and George wake up to see that the flood has gone, leaving a big muddy puddle. Peppa and George run to the puddle, and everyone jumps in it. Having lots of fun, Peppa remarks that this is "The Biggest Muddy Puddle, in the World, Ever"!

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