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Season 2, Episode 20
Screenshot 2016-01-24-12-51-10
Overall episode 72
Air date 1 January, 2007
Episode guide
Jumble Sale
Tiny Creatures
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Peppa and her family are at the swimming pool. George is a little worried at first but is soon splashing happily with his friend Richard Rabbit.

Episode Guide

Series #: 2

Episode #: 20 (72 overall)

Airdate: January 1st 2007

Previous: Jumble Sale Next: Tiny Creatures


Main Characters:

Peppa Pig

George Pig

Rebecca Rabbit

Richard Rabbit

Daddy Pig

Mummy Rabbit

Mummy Pig

Trivia Edit

This is the second time to only focus on The Pigs and Rabbits the first was Foggy Day (not counting Mr Rabbit or Miss Rabbit).

This is the first episode of 2007.

No supporting or minor characters.

This is the first episode (and possibly the last) to see a town pool.


  • It's odd how there isn't any lifeguard (it could be possible that an adult has to be with the child)
  • When the pigs are changing their feet aren't visible.
  • When everyone enters the pool, the pool height was as tall as Daddy Pig but when Richard drops his bucket the water is much bigger then him as he gets the bucket.
  • Daddy Pig should of made a huge splash because of his weight and the height of the diving board.
  • Daddy Pig wouldn't see with out his glasses like Pedro Pony lost his and couldn't see in The Eye Test.
  • The doors swap colors until the end of the episode

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