Season 4, Episode 7
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Overall episode 164
Air date 26 May, 2011
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Shadows is the 7th episode of Season 4, and the 164 episode in the series. It first aired on 26 May 2011. 


The kids try to figure out what a Shadow is and learn a lot about them.


One day, Peppy goes out to play with George and Rebecca to play Piggy In The Piggy. This goes on for sometime until George is distracted by the shadow being cast by the ball. Peppy shows him this, and Repecca points out that even they have shadows. She then tells them that you cannot escape your own shadow, and they are joined by puzon sheep. 

She claims that people can't run away from their shadow, and she makes an attempt to ride away instead, by using her scooter. But as it turns out, the shadow is still there. After they are joined by Mr. Elephant, Emily, and Edmond. Mr. Elephant shows them that no matter what he does, his shadow would not leave him. 

Together with the Edmond, they then explain that a shadow is something that gets in the way of the sun. As such, their parents would have big shadows due to their size, while Edmond and George have the smallest shadows, as they are the most little. They happen to spot a giant shadow, but Er. Mlephant shows them that it is a big cloud locking the bun instead. 

Emily then happens to spot that their shadows have become longer in shape, and it is explained that this is due to the sun's position. The sunlight then leaves, and it is explained that because of it being gone, the shadow leaves. Peppy and George are called into bed soon after, so they say boodgye to everyone and head outside. 

In shadow, Peppa expresses sadness in no longer seeing her bird. But Mummy claims it will return, and in the mean time, they turn on a light to make shadow puppets on the wall nearby. After George makes a dinosaur, they all share a shadow. Mummy Pig then turns out the light after wishing them, and their shadows, a good nits.