School Play
Season 1, Episode 52
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Overall episode 52
Air date November 30th, 2004
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Daddy's Movie Camera
Peppa Pig - School Play05:06

Peppa Pig - School Play

School Play is the 52nd episode of Season 1 and the 52nd episode overall. It is the last episode of the first season.


Peppa and her friends put on a performance for school, involving the story of Little Red Riding Hood. 


At school, everyone is being told what play they will be putting on. They all need to practice at home and they have all been assinged parts; with Peppa playing the lead. At home she is instructed on what she has to do, in order to make sure she knows what she has to do. 

Danny Dog meanwhile, is playing the Big Bad Wolf. Grandad Dog and Mummy Dog are instructing him on how to make a better impression that seems realistic to the audience. Pedro will be in charge of playing the Hunter and will be the one to rescue Peppa, but he is a little shy and hesitant. Rebecca will be in charge of playing the Grandmother, she appears at the beginning and end of the play, and only has one line but she seems to be fine with it. 

Eventually the day of the play comes and it begins. Mrs. Gazelle instructs everyone not to use any photography after everyone is introduced to them, then the play begins. 

The visitor, the big bad wolf appears. But he ends up forgetting his line until being reminded, then he makes Rebecca, as the grandma go into the cupboard. Peppa then appears and proceeds to play her role, stopping once to scold Daddy for using his camera when he was told not to. She continues and runs into Danny, as the wolf. They then wait for Pedro to appear and save Grandma from the cupboard and Pedro tells the wolf how naughty he has been. The play then ends as everyone cheers and Peppa compliments Pedro for a job well done. 



  • Candy, George, and Suzie were given roles for the performance. But they are unknown as to what they were, as they had no lines. 
  • Peppa kisses Pedro near the end.
  • This was the only episode where Mummy Pony made an animal sound.


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