School Camp is episode 45 of Season 2 of Peppa Pig. In the entire series it is episode 97. It first aired on 11 June, 2007.


Peppa and the rest of her PlayGroup go out on a Class Camping Trip.


On their way to camp the children are on the bus. Pedro asks to move up to the front after complaining over feeling sick. The other children wish to move up to the front too, but they soon arrive after Madam Gazelle points out that there is not enough room. 

They all get off and Miss Rabbit leaves after she wishes them Happy Camping. They take the time to breath in the fresh nature air, then begin to set up their tents. After they finish Madam Gazelle has everyone partner up; with Candy and Rebecca at one tent, Pedro and Danny at another, Suzy and Peppa, and Emily with Zoe. 

Afterwards they run off to gather sticks and before they know it, evening comes. They sit around the campfire and they start to sing the Bing-Bong Song. After, Madam Gazelle tells them to get ready to go to bed, but after everyone runs int otheir tents they start to play with their flashlights until Madam Gazelle tells them to go to bed. 

Suddenly, Suzy hears an owl and runs out of the tent. She calls for Madam Gazelle and admits being frightened, so she allows Suzy to join her in the tent. She is followed by Peppa and the rest of the children, but because the tent is so big they all it in it. Peppa then requests that she sings them the Bing-Bong Song one last time before bed.  She agrees and begins to sing.  




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