School Bus Trip is episode 28 of Season 2, and the 90th episode of Peppa Pig. It first aired on ___.


Peppa, George, and all of their friends go up to the mountains on a school field trip. 


The students are all preparing to get onto the bus for their trip. Madam Gazelle goes over rolecall first, to make sure everyone is there for the day. So far everyone is there, but Pedro ends up showing up late. Mommy Pony apologizes for them being late, but she just has him get onto the bus since they were just about to go. 

On the bus, Madam Gazelle explains what they are doing. She asks if they all have their lunch boxes and Peppa asks if they can have some of it now. She tells them to wait, but Peppa and Suzy can't help but swap some things and take little bites anyway. She tells them to wait, but forgives their nibbeling. 

Soon they arrive at the top of the mountain. They play with their echoes for a few minutes before they go to sit down for their picnic. At first, Peppa questions where the ducks are, since they tend to show up whenever they go on picnics.

To their surprise, they do show up. So they all decide to feed the ducks some of their bread, but they end up getting the hiccups. After they all share a laugh, the field trip is called to an end and everyone gets back onto the bus. On their way back home, they all sing a song. 






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