Rosie and Robbie Rabbit
Screenshot 2016-01-18-21-18-10
Rosie and Robbie in Mummy Rabbit's Bump
Vital statistics
Title Rosie and Robbie Rabbit
Gender Male and Female
Race Rabbit
Voice Actor Unknown

Rosie and Robbie Rabbit are baby rabbits who appear late in the Peppa Pig Series.


Rosie and Robbie are twins to one-another. They are the younger brother and sister of Rebecca Rabbit and Richard Rabbit, daughter and son to Mummy Rabbit and Daddy Rabbit, and niblings to Miss Rabbit. They were born in the episode "Mummy Rabbits Bump"


Rosie and Robbie are twin rabbits. They both posesse a pink nose, mouth, and pale pink cheeks. Rosie, the girl wears pink and has white fur, while Robbie wears blue and is pale tan. 


As babies, Rosie and Robbie don't do very much. They cry a little every now and then, but they don't seem to do it as much as Baby Alexander.



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