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Richard in Rebecca Rabbit (tv episode)
Vital statistics
Title Richard Rabbit
Gender Male
Race Rabbit
Voice Actor Zoe Baker
Richard Rabbit is a character in Peppa Pig.


Richard is the older brother of Rosie and Robbie Rabbit, and the younger brother of Rebecca Rabbit. He is the son of Mummy Rabbit and Daddy Rabbit, and the nephew of Miss Rabbit.


Richard is a lot like George, in that they both enjoy playing with their older sisters,can be sensitive, and love dinosaurs. At first they didn't enjoy each others company that much - but after learning to play together they became best friends.


Richard is a pale cream-white rabbit toddler with a dark pink mouth, a peach nose, and pale pink cheeks. He wears an indigo outfit and black shoes.


Richard appeared with his sister and family throughout Season 1, but he didn't officially befriend George until Season 2. Since then he would be found with George and their other toddler friends, as well as the group. Mrs. Dinosaur



"Squeak! Squeak!"









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