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Rebecca Rabbit
Season 2, Episode 39
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Overall episode 91
Air date 21 March, 2007
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Rebecca Rabbit is the 39th episode of Season 2, and the 91st episode of Peppa Pig. It first aired on March 21, 2007


Peppa and George pretend to be rabbits to see how different Rebecca and her family are.


One late evening, Rebecca and Richard prepare to leave after their Mom calls them. Rebecca asks her mom to let Peppa and George come by the next day and they watch as Richard takes a few minutes to get down the steps. He begins to cry and needs help, so Rebecca explains to them that Richard isn't used to stairs, since they don't have them in their house. This confuses Peppa, but Rebecca tells her that it will make sense when they come over.

The following morning, Peppa and George are dropped off at the Rabbit House. They have never come to it before, so they are left wondering where it is after they come to a stop. They refer to the map, which lists that it should be right there, so they look to find that they are on a garden with carrots and holes all over it. Rebecca and Richard pop out of one of the holes and inform them that they are there, so Peppa and George get out of the car and follow the rabbits back into the holes.

In her bedroom, Peppa comments on how she would like to a rabbit. Rebecca shows them how to twitch their noses and squeak, like they do, so Peppa and George try it. She also mentions how much rabbits like to eat carrots and gives one to George and Peppa - but while Peppa eats it, George hates them and refuses to eat it, so Richard eats his for him. With that, Rebecca explains how much Rabbits like to hop, so they go outside to play until Mummy Rabbit calls them for lunch.

Together the foursome join Mummy and Daddy Rabbit. They eat carrots, but while everyone else enjoys the lunch, George refuses to eat anything. He hesitates until Daddy Rabbit points out how much a rabbit likes carrots, and George realizes he actually likes them after all. Once they finish, Mummy Rabbit reveals she made everyone carrot cake. They continue to eat before sharing a laugh.



  • This is the 2nd episode when Peppa learns to imitate one of her friends.
    • this is also the 2nd episode where George dislikes a vegetable but learns to enjoy it.