Season 3, Episode 47
Screenshot 2016-01-24-15-01-54
Overall episode 152
Air date 24 November, 2010
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The Blackberry Bush
Paper Aeroplanes

Peppa is at Zoe Zebra's house Peppa and Zoe wants to make a tea set but the play clay won't work then Zoe say's her mum can do pottery and they make their very own tea set!

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Zoe: "She does pottery!"

Mrs. Zebra: "There one cup."

Peppa:(pretending to be Teddy) "What's the magic word?"

Zoe:(pretending to be Monkey) "Oo, oo, oo, that mean's please!"

Peppa:"George, can we use some clay?"

George: "NO!"
Zoe:"Zuzu, Zaza?, we need some play clay to make a tea set!"
Zuzu & Zaza:"NO!"

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