Polly Parrot
Screenshot 2016-01-11-08-14-24 kindlephoto-17076337
Polly in Santa's Visit
Vital statistics
Title Polly Parrot
Gender Female
Race Parrot
Voice Actor Alison Snowden

Polly Parrot is Grandpa & Granny Pig's pet.



Like any other bird, Polly finds amusement in copying others.


Polly Parrot is green, has a red tail, and blue feathers on her head. She has a yellow beak.


"Grandpa Pig says 'Easy Peasy'"

"You silly old bird."

"I'm a clever parrot. Woof, woof!"





  • She is the first pet to appear in the series.
    • She was also the first pet bird to appear in the series.


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