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Polly's Holiday is episode 3 of Season 2, and the 55th episode overall.


The Pig Family watch Polly while Grandpa Pig and Granny Pig go to the beach.


Grandpa and Granny Pig are leaving to visit the beach for the day, so they decide to leave Polly with Peppa and her Family. They arrive to the house and greet everyone before going inside, where they sit Polly's cage down on the table. They put down her suitcase and discuss what she eats, and they warn Peppa not to feed Polly too much. Peppa then asks if Polly can come out the cage, but Grandpa warns them to make sure the doors and window stay shut, so that she wont fly away.

They take Polly out of the cage and say goodbye, then George prepares to feed Polly as Peppa talks. She claims he gave her too much when they happen to hear music playing from outside. They run out to see that it's Miss Rabbit with the Ice Cream stand. But, they forget to shut the door behind them - allowing Polly to fly out as they don't watch.

They greet Miss Rabbit and grab some Ice Cream. Then while they head back they spot the door open and Peppa tells George that he forgot to shut the door. They check to find her missing; despite Daddy Pig's claims and makes George burst into tears. Peppa worries that Grandpa and Granny will be sad when Mummy Pig suggests they check the garden. They look to find Polly in a nearby tree and Peppa asks how they can get her down.

Daddy Pig decides to climb the tree and as he gets close to her, Polly flies higher up the tree. Peppa warns him to be careful but he insists that he'll be fine. As Polly calls out "Bird Seed", George gets an idea and runs to the house after handing Mummy Pig his Ice Cream. He grabs the bird seed and right away she flies down to eat, causing them to cheer.

As Daddy Pig's phone begins to ring he falls out of the tree and answers the call to hear from Granny Pig. She asks to speak to Polly and they exchange a few words; causing everyone to burst into laughter.