Piggy in the Middle
Season 1, Episode 8
George trying to throw the ball to Peppa, but misses
Overall episode 8
Air date June 8, 2004
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Mummy Pig at Work
Daddy Loses His Glasses
Peppa Pig - Piggy in the middle05:06

Peppa Pig - Piggy in the middle

Piggy In The Middle is episode 8 of the first season of Peppa Pig.


Peppa and Mummy Pig teach George how to catch- but soon the rules keep changing!


One day George runs outside to play with his ball in the garden. He is joined by Peppa, who insists he is doing it wrong. After watching her, he grabs his ball and runs off, but Peppa is easily able to reach him and takes the ball back. She teases George until Mummy Pig joins them to question what she is up to, and Peppa claims she was just trying to teach George how to play catch. 

Curious, but deciding to drop the subject, Mummy Pig suggests they play a game called Piggy In The Middle to help him. She explains that someone must stand in the middle and try to catch the ball, which is being thrown by the people not in the middle. If the person in the middle catches it, the one who threw it will become the middle player.

They begin to play and George is able to catch the ball. Mummy Pig tells George to throw the ball but he struggles to throw it past her. So he simply crawls under Mummy to hand Peppa the ball. Peppa then goes into the middle, followed by George; who struggles to catch the ball do to his short size. Peppa starts to tease him again by offering him the ball, but then she throws it past him and Mummy, causing George to start crying and Mummy scolds her for teasing him.

Daddy Pig comes by and he helps George catch the ball, then when Peppa claims it isn't fair she asks if she can sit on Mummy's shoulder so that she can play like George. With that, the Pig Family play a game of catch by tossing the ball to each other.


Peppa: "Here you go, George." (Pretends to hand George the ball). "Wee!!"




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