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The biggest muddy puddle for all things related to Peppa Pig. We currently have 30 active users, 13,841 edits, 5,534 pages, and you can help, too!

It's November 2018, every piggy! Come join us for some holiday snorts and editing!


Just remember to follow the rules!

Other languages

This wikia is available on other languages:

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If you wish to join the wikia, please try to follow these rules:

  1. Any young member under the age of 12 is asked to have an older user monitor your edits.
  2. Foul Language/Cuss words/Swearing is automatically forbidden. This wikia is for all ages and will not be tolerated.
  3. Vandalizing any page of any kind here will be punished, which relates to posting fake or edited pictures, insulting a character in their article or a user on their page.
  4. Do not edit another editor's user page, unless you have administrative abilities.
  5. Threats or insults towards a member isn't tolerated.
  6. Do not spam or flame the wiki.
  7. Only Admins are allowed to edit the front page and poll.
  8. Fake information is forbidden, this means fan characters and fan episodes or pictures. If you're looking for the Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki, go here.
  9. This wikia is for English speakers, so please keep this in mind when making edits or speaking to other members.

Who to Report to

Currently there are 4 Admins, but as of now, only two are active: Chrismh and TheBlake90.

  • This is not a fanon wiki, which means the stuff on this wiki is whole and will be shown on TV.
  • This wiki does not own Peppa Pig, since it is distributed by eOne Family.
  • Some pages on this wiki are protected.
  • The Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki has a subreddit now!

Here it is!

Piggy Poll
Why did you join this wiki?

The poll was created at 15:39 on October 22, 2018, and so far 41 people voted.
Who is your favorite character?

The poll was created at 16:25 on October 16, 2018, and so far 42 people voted.

The Admins
  • Chrismh Primary authority (1)
  • TheBlake90 Secondary authority, synopsis writer and piggy enthusiast

Feel free to give us an oink of opinion!