Peppa's Christmas
Season 2, Episode Special 1
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Peppa and her family are busy preparing for Christmas. Peppa, George and their friends post their letters to Father Christmas, then the whole family sets off to buy a Christmas tree from Miss Rabbit's tree shop. Daddy Pig chooses a tree that is much too big to fit in the family's little car, so he has to carry the tree all the way home. Later that night, Santa comes to Pep pa's house, but when he goes down the chimney, he loses his list. Will he remember all the toys to deliver to the other houses? 


This is the first episode with a 10-minutes special

When the Pigs arrived all of the trees are the same size yet there is a big one.

Mr. Zebra would have needed a key to open the mailbox

When Mr. Bull carries the big tree Ms.Rabbit office isn't seen also Daddy pig car was facing straight but then it was facing to the exit

It is unknown why the room (with the Christmas Tree) was never showed in any episode

This is the second episode with a mythical characters the first was ''The Tooth Fairy" and the third will be "Bedtime Story"

There is a snowman that Peppa and George built. It shows it has Daddy Pig's hat, groves and scarf. But at the same time, Daddy Pig has his too.


Peppa’s Christmas 3

Peppa and her family picking out a Christmas tree.

Peppa’s Christmas 2