Peppa has a new pen pal, a little donkey from France, named Delphine. Peppa receives letters from Delphine Donkey and speaks to her on the telephone. Although Peppa speaks English and Delphine speaks French, they discover that they love lots of the same things, especially jumping up and down in muddy puddles.

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Pen Pal

Season №:2
Episode №:41 /93 overall
Airdate:June 5 2007
Previous:Nature Trail
Next:Granny&Granpa's Attic


Main Characters:

Peppa Pig

Delphine Donkey

Daddy Pig

Mummy Pig

George Pig

Papa Donkey

Mama Donkey

Didier Donkey

Minor Characters:

Madame Gazelle

Suzy Sheep

Emily Elephant

Candy Cat

Rebbeca Rabbit

Danny Dog

Zoe Zebra

Pedro Pony


This is the first aperance of The Donkeys

In some episode Delphine Donkey made cameos because Mummy Pig put up a picture of her in the board near the stairs

It's reaveled that Mummy Pig understands and speaks french