Pedro the Cowboy is episode 11 of Season 4, and the 79th episode of Peppa Pig. It first aired on ___.


Pedro dresses up as a cowboy and opens his very own new pretend cowboy camp outside of his house. Yee-Haw! He invites all his friends, Peppa, George, Danny, Suzy and Wendy to the camp to sing songs and sleep in a cowboy tent at night, so they won't be scared of wild animals anymore.

== SummaryEdit == 






Major Characters:

Mummy Pony

Pedro Pony

Suzy Sheep

Danny Dog

Wendy Wolf

Peppa Pig

George Pig

Minor Characters:

Mr. Wolf (Cameo)

Mummy Sheep (Cameo)

Mummy Dog (Cameo)

Mummy Pig (Cameo)

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