Pedro Pony
Pedro Pony
Vital statistics
Title Pedro Pony
Gender Male
Race Pony
Voice Actor Harrison Oldroyd (1-2)

Sammy Price (The Golden Boots) Stanley Nickless (3-4)

Pedro Pony is a supporting character in Peppa Pig.


Pedro Pony is the son of Mr. Pony, an eye doctor, and his mother is Mummy Pony.


A child who is friends with Peppa and the others. He is somewhat smart in his fields of interest - but otherwise appears to be kind of careless and air-headed. He loves to sleep, and often rests or naps whenever he isn't busy. He gets tired fairly often and is usually late for everything. He likes anything to do with cowboys.


A tan pony with cream-colored spots on his head. He has brown lips, a pink nose, and a pair of black glasses. He wears bright yellow with black shoes. His boots are purple.






  • In the episode "School Play" Peppa kissed Pedro.
  • He is the "clumsy one" on Peppa's friends group.
  • His catchphrase is "Mmmh...interesting".


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