Pedro's Cough
Season 3, Episode 3
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Overall episode 108
Air date 6 May 2009
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Pedro's Cough is the 3rd episode of season 3, and the 108th episode overall.


Pedro gets a contagious cough at playgroup and some of the other children soon catch it. When it's time to go the grown-ups catch it too, including Madame Gazelle. Peppa calls Dr. Brown Bear who gives them terrible-tasting medicine. Usually, Dr. Brown keeps happy and healthy by eating one apple a day, but he gets ill too, so who will look after him when he is sick?



Pedro: Ugh! It tastes like an old shoe full of jam!

Suzy: Ugh! It tastes of carpet-flavored yogurt!

Danny: Ugh! It tastes of flowers!

Daddy Pig: Ugh!

Mummy Sheep: Ugh!

Mummy Dog: Ugh!

Mr. Zebra: Ugh!

Mummy Rabbit: Ew!

Madame Gazelle: Ugh! It tastes like custard and old socks! (All Children Laughing)

Suzy: (disguises as Nurse) and Here's your Medicine

Dr. Brown Bear: Ugh! It tastes like jammy yogurt-flavored custard socks!