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Peppa Pig - Numbers05:04

Peppa Pig - Numbers

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Season 3, Episode 25
Air date 17 November 2009
Written by Neville Astley
Directed by Joris van Hulzen
Episode guide
Digging up the Road
Peppa and her friends learn to count to ten when it's time for recess Peppa, Suzy, Zoe, and Rebecca play jump rope Zoe says lets see who can jump rope the highest with out stoping and Rebecca says she will count. They start to jump rope Peppa stops at six Suzy stops at eight and Zoe stops at ten so Zoe wins! Pedro comes over with his hulla hoop they ask how many hoops he can do he says one millon and three so he starts to hulla hoop and he stops at eight Zoe says that was only eight  he says his a bit tired he'll do the rest later everyone else comes over Danny says George wants to play leap frog so everyone gets down for George he leaps over all ten of them they all go back inside then Daddy Pig comes to pick up Peppa and George Peppa says he came to early then the playgroup and Daddy pig jump rope to ten Daddy Pig says he can jump rope to a hundred then Madame Gazelle says lets jump rope to a hundred but Daddy pig says how about twenty so they jump rope to twenty and the episode ends like that.


Daddy Pig was the only adult in the episode besides Madame Gazelle.


Zoe:"Let see who can jump rope the highest with out  stopping."

Rebecca:"I'll count, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Zoe wins!"

Danny:"George wants to play leap frog!"

Daddy Pig:"I can skip to a hundred!"

Madame Gazelle:"Okay. To a hundred!"
Daddy Pig:"Er... how about to twenty?!"
Madame Gazelle:"Okay. To twenty!"

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