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Nature Trail is episode 40 of Season 2, and the 92th episode overall.


The Pigs head out to explore some nature one day but struggle after they wind up getting lost


The pig family decide to go out to enjoy the nature by driving over to the country side. They come to their destination while discussing what they will see and park the car. They hop out and Mommy Pig tells Daddy Pig not to forget the picnic. He goes to retrieve it, along with the map before they head into the nature trail. Unknowingly forgetting the picnic...

So far all Peppa has seen are trees and she is getting a bit bored. Mommy tells her to look closer and she happens to spot a trail of footprints. Curious as to who they may belong to, the pig family quietly follow them and come to a cute little bird. It flies into the tree nearby, and Daddy hands Peppa the binnoculours to see what is going on. In the nest, there are three babies. They watch them for a moment before spotting another set of footprints, these belonging to a group of ants. 

With that, the pig family decide to have their picnic, now that it is lunch time. But Daddy Pig forgot it, which he then is scolded for. But he claims it is fine since they can just return back to the car, although it turns out they have gotten lost.  Suddenly George spots some big footprints and they notice that they belonged to them. If they follow these they can find their way back to the car and picnic, so quickly the pig family run back. But before they arrive, it begins to pour down rain! Mommy pig uses her umbrella, but because of the rain they can no longer find their car or picnic.

They are approached by the ducks and Peppa asks them to help them back to the car. In no time at all they are able to reach it, and as thanks for the help, the Pig family sit down to have their picnic while feeding the ducks, birds, and ants. 





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