Mysteries is episode 5 of Season 2, and the 57 episode of Peppa Pig. It first aired on ___.


Peppa and George decide they want to become Detectives after watching their favorite program on television.


The Pig Family are busily watching a mystery program staring Mr. Potato. He introduces himself and they watch as he helps Miss Potato find her flower, which she actually kept, right on her head. He points this out and she thanks him as Peppa claims the mystery was very easy. Due to this she wishes to become a detective when she grows up.

Daddy Pig decides that if the little piggies wish to become detectives, they need to look the part. He gets some hats and Mummy Pig fetches them a magnifying glass. She shows Peppa and George how it works by demonstrating on Goldy, who is right nearby. Now all that is left for them to try to find a mystery, and Peppa suggests they try to find Mr. Dinosaur - but as it turns out, he's actually right there. Daddy Pig's glasses are also missing, so they really don't have any idea as to what to do.

Daddy Pig offers to help set up a mystery and he puts a bunch of items down onto the table. These items include Teddy, a Jack in the Box, Goldy, and Mr. Dinosaur. He tells everyone to go outside for a moment after they remember what is on the table, then runs around the house after he takes an item to hide it. Peppa comments that she can hear him running around, just as he reaches the door and they head back into the kitchen.

While looking over the table, Peppa identifies that the object missing is Teddy. He and Mummy Pig congratulate Peppa for the job well done, and when Peppa claims it was really easy, they point out that she has to now try to locate Teddy. Peppa checks around, but has no further idea, so he points out some nearby cake crumbs located on the floor.

Peppa gets an idea and follows the crumbs, which leads them to their bedroom. The crumb trail stops there, leaving Peppa confused utntil Daddy Pig offers to help her out with some Yes or No Questions. Peppa accepts, then asks if Teddy is in the room. He says yes, so she asks if Teddy is in George's bed, but he says no. After asking if Teddy is high up, she is able to determine that Teddy is up in her bed.

Daddy Pig asks if she still wishes to become a detective, now that she solved a mystery, and Peppa admits that while she had fun, she's more interested in making up her own mystery. This makes everyone start to laugh.


Mr Pototo "Your Flower Is On Your Head