My Cousin Chloé
Season 1, Episode 28
Peppa, not very happy with Chloé
Overall episode 28
Air date July 1, 2004
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My Cousin Chloé is episode 28 of the first season of Peppa Pig. It first aired on July 1, 2004.


Peppa tries to prove that she is a big girl when her Cousin Chloé stops by for a visit. 


Peppa and George run outside to go play when Mummy Pig informs them that Cousin Chloé will be coming. Peppa tells George not to feel bad if she doesn't spend too much time with him, but Daddy Pig insists that she will play with the both of them. 

It's then Chloé arrives. She asks them what they want to play, and Peppa brings up Catch, but Chloé doesn't want to since it's just for little kids. After Peppa claims they should play it because George likes it, she reconsiders and asks them if they will play with the baby rules, or "proper rules". Peppa, wanting to seem mature tells her Proper, then they begin. 

As she comes close to catching George, Chloé runs by and grabs him; lifting him up so that Peppa can't get him. She insists it is fair when Peppa starts to argue, and claims that George is little so he needs the help. She then asks Peppa if she would like help too but she stubbornly refuses. So they start to play Sly Fox after, and Peppa runs to a nearby tree to start. 

After she sees George move, Peppa tells him to go back to start, but in this time Chloé is able to run up to her and tag her. Although Peppa is unhappy, it is Chloé's turn. Chloé then happens to see her move and calls her out on it, but Peppa also finds this unfair. They start to argue, then she insist that they play another game and claims her favorite is very grown up. She runs up to their home and brings down a few pairs of boots, one for her, George, and Chloé. 

Chloé refuses to play in the mud though and insists that she is too old for them. So Peppa claims this also in order to appear more grown up. But to their surprise, they see Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig walk down to join George in the big puddle. With this, the girls find themselves unable to resist, so they quickly pull on their boots and the five pigs jump together in the mud puddle. 



  • This is the first episode to feature Chloé Pig and Auntie Pig.



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