Musical Instruments
Season 1, Episode 16
The pig family band
Overall episode 16
Air date June 2004
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Musical Instruments is the 16th episode of season 1 of Peppa Pig.


The pig family play with a box of musical instruements that Mummy and Daddy happened to find while cleaning.


Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig were tidying up the house when they happened to find an old box. Daddy Pig asks George and Peppa to guess whats inside, but when they are unable to do-so, they reveal the musical instruments inside of it. He sets them down and Mummy Pig reveals that she used to play the violin. She is asked to play it and while concerned that she may have forgotten, she is able to do it. Then, she hands it to Peppa to let her try, then she lets George try.

Peppa is then given a little tin drum to try playing, which she is able to do much easier. Mummy then pulls out Daddy Pig's old accordion and he begins to play it. George wishes to play it, but Daddy is unsure if he can, however he lets him try, but to his disappointment it's too big for him.

Daddy then reveals the last musical instrument. A big horn that has to be blown into, really hard. Mummy Pig picks it up, but she is unable to play it either. Even Daddy Pig can't get it, so Mummy tells him to just stick to playing the accordion, while she plays her violin and Peppa the drums. George feels left out though, and he happens to spot the horn. To their surprise, he is able to blow into it with ease. With that, they head outside in a marching band and play their instruments together.