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Mummy Sheep
Screenshot 2016-01-18-20-12-56 kindlephoto-7103190
Mummy Sheep in The Camper Van
Vital statistics
Title Mummy Sheep
Gender Female
Race Sheep
Voice Actor Debbie MacDonald
Mummy Sheep is a character in Peppa Pig. 


The mummy of Suzy Sheep. She appears to be a house wife and does not have a job outside of her home.


Like the other mothers, she is loving towards her family and can often be found bonding with Suzy. She seems to enjoy sports and often leaves to exercise at the gym whenever Suzy is at playgroup. She is generally polite.


She greatly resembles her daughter. They are both white sheep with a pink nose and dark pink lips, who wear the same shoes and dress. She has eyelashes, which Suzy does not.



  • Out of all the Mother characters, she has appeared the least.


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