Mummy Pony
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Vital statistics
Title Mummy Pony
Gender Female
Race Pony
Voice Actor Kate Gribble (series 1)

Madelyn Moore (series 2)

Layla Lewis (series 2)

Jemima Williams (series 3)

Leila Farzad (series 4)

Judy Flynn (series 4)

Mummy Pony is a character in Peppa Pig. 


The mother of Pedro Pony and wife of Mr. Pony. She works as an eye doctor.


A caring and kind Mummy, she tries to be patient when it comes to Pedro's sleepiness. She is often late as a result of dealing with him first and trying to keep him from being too late.


A tan pony with lighter cream-colored spots with dark pink lips and a pink nose. She wears black shoes and a gold dress. Her eye makeup is light purple.


"Pedro, home time!"

"Come on, Pedro! S**t up! We're gonna be the school bus trip!"


  • She has the most voice actors in the entire series.
  • She is the only one in her family without glasses.