Mummy Pig at Work
Season 1, Episode 7
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Overall episode 7
Air date June 7, 2004
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Peppa Pig - Mummy Pig at Work05:19

Peppa Pig - Mummy Pig at Work


Mummy Pig At Work is episode 7 of the first season of Peppa Pig.


While learning about Mummy Pig's work, Peppa accidentally breaks her computer. So Daddy Pig tries to fix it.


One day Mummy Pig is busy working at her computer. In the kitchen, Daddy Pig is preparing soup when Peppa and George come by to ask Daddy if they can watch Mummy Pig work for a little bit. Seeing no harm in it, he allows it- but he warns them not to distract her.

Peppa and George run up to Mummy's work room and ask to sit with her while she works. She agrees and gathers George and Peppa onto her lap before she resumes work. Peppa asks if they can play a game, but she informs them that it will need to wait since she has to finish, then Peppa asks to help out and starts to hit the keys until the computer begins to act up.

Mummy Pig gently scolds Peppa for doing this, and Peppa apologizes, stating she was trying to show George what not to do. Mummy Pig calls Daddy Pig and asks him to fix it while she finishes the lunch he was working on and he comes up stairs.

However, Daddy Pig isn't all that sure he can fix it. He looks at it and begins to tap a key, but in doing so the computer acts up again. He shuts the computer off, then turns it on again, causing it to stop acting strange. Peppa and George sit on his lap and they ask to play that game again, and while he believes they should ask Mummy, Peppa brings up that she said they could play it later. Seeing no harm in this once more, he agrees and George runs off to fetch the disk. After he returns, they start to play Happy Mrs. Chicken.

In the kitchen, Mummy Pig hears all of the commotion going on and comes to find them playing their game. Delighted the computer has been fixed, she decides to join them in playing the silly game and together they share a laugh.





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