Mummy Dog
Mummy Dog
Mummy Dog in The School Play
Vital statistics
Title Mummy Dog
Gender Female
Race Dog
Voice Actor Debbie MacDonald (1)

Claire Waxler (2)

Judy Flynn (4)

Mummy Dog is a character in Peppa Pig


Mummy Dog is the wife of Captain Dog and mother of Danny Dog. She is the daughter (or daughter-in-law) of Granddad Dog.


Not much is known about her, but it is assumed she is like the other mothers in the series: generally nice and polite.


A dull, dark brown dog with dull red cheeks, black nose, and peach lips. She wears purple makeup, black shoes, and a bright melon-colored dress.


" Er... Thank you Captain Hog and Dogbeard for the lovely pirate game!"
Danny's Pirate Party
"Aye aye, Mummy Pig!"
The Fire Station
" AHHH!"
School Play



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