Mummy Cat
Mummy Cat ID
Mummy Cat in The Aquarium
Vital statistics
Title Mummy Cat
Gender Female
Race Cat
Voice Actor Morwenna Banks (2)

Leila Farzad (3-4)

Mummy Cat​, referred to as Mrs. Cat in Daddy Pig's Office, is a character in Peppa Pig


The mother of Candy Cat and wife of Mr. Cat. She works at Daddy Pig's Office and does Computer work.


Mummy Cat is like the other mothers on the show. She is caring towards her family and enjoys bonding with them.


She resembles Candy and has orange blushed cheeks and dark pink lips. Her triangle-shaped nose is fuchsia and she has white whiskers. She wears green eye makeup, a dark peach dress, and black shoes.


— Multiple episodes


  • She is 33 years old.
  • She speaks in a Scottish accent.


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