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[Camera pans on Peppa's house in the rain.]

[Title appears and Peppa announces it.]

[George and Peppa are shown looking out of the window with sad faces.]

[Camera switches to George and Peppa inside of the house, looking out of the window.]

Narrator: It is raining today, so Peppa and George cannot play outside.

[Sun appears.]

[George and Peppa smile.]

Peppa: *snort* "Daddy! It's stopped raining! Can we go out to play?"

Daddy Pig: "Haha! Alright. Run along you two".

[George and Peppa both snort in excitement and run outside laughing.]

[Camera zooms in on Peppa's feet  stamping in the mud.]

[Camera zooms out on Peppa.]

Narrator: "Peppa loves jumping in muddy puddles!"

Peppa: *Snort* " I love muddy puddles!"

[Peppa begins laughing, while jumping in the mud. Switching directions occasionally.]

[Mummy Pig's voice can be heard off-screen.]

Mummy Pig: "Peppa!"

[Mummy Pig can now be seen on screen walking towards Peppa.]

"If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots."

Peppa: "Sorry Mummy."

[Peppa walks out of the mud, takes off her shoes and puts on her yellow boots.]

[Peppa begins jumping in the puddle again once more ,laughing.]

[George can be heard off screen laughing as well.]

Narrator: "George likes to jump in muddy puddles too!"

[George jumps in the muddy puddle twice and snorts]

Peppa: "George! If you jump in muddly puddles, you must wear your boots. "

[George looks down below and wanders off]

[Peppa looks at George who is now off-screen re-assuringly]

[Peppa smiles when she sees George running back with his red boots on.]

[George jumps in the muddy puddle again and they both laugh.]

Peppa: "George, let's find some more puddles."

[Peppa and George begin jumping in a multitude of muddy puddles,both laughing]

Narrator: "Peppa and George are having a lot of fun!"

[Peppa approaches another muddy puddle]

"Peppa has found a little puddle."

"George has found a big puddle"

[George begins jumping in a big puddle]

[Peppa and George jump in each respective puddle simultaneously.]

[Peppa and George try to catch their breath]

[Peppa laughs briefly]

[Camera zooms in on Peppa's body]

[Peppa points right]

Peppa: "Look George! There's a really big puddle."

[George and Peppa move over to the puddle]

[George hops up and down excitedly]

Narrator: "George wants to jump in the big puddle first. "

[George leaps in, but Peppa abruptly catches him in the air]

Peppa: "Stop George!

[George starts flailing around, trying to escape from Peppa's grasp.]

Peppa: "I must check to see if it's safe for you."

[Peppa puts George down before jumping into the puddle herself. Mud gets all over George.]

Peppa: "Good, it is safe!"

[George cries]

Peppa: "Sorry George, it is only mud."

[George begins to laugh before jumping into the puddle, splashing Peppa]

[Both Peppa and George begin to laugh and splash each other with mud.]

Narrator: Peppa and George love muddy puddles.

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